Minutes of C&G PC meeting 12th March 2024

Minutes Uploaded on April 9, 2024


1. Apologies for absence

Apologies Cllr S Carr

In attendance Cllr’s J Seddon, B Alldred, S Bland, N Johnson. V Allen, C Benson, P Holmes, C Smith, K Bland.

2. Code of Conduct – Declaration of Interest

No declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of Meeting held on 13th February 2024

Nominated J Seddon
Seconded P Holmes
Show of Hands. Yes

4. Matters arising

Remembrance Sunday Meeting in family room on Wednesday April 17th 8pm in the Family Room at Newchurch
Glazebury Play Area Tree, S Wolstencroft quoted £280 to remove tree, PC agreed to go ahead with tree removal.

5. Police Report

Tom Shelvin introduce to the PC as a new PCSO’s locally.
Police have been doing Speed Camera Operations (TRUCAM) locally on Wigshaw Lane, Warrington Rd in both Culcheth & Glazebury, Heath Lane.
Contact Culcheth Eagles and Football clubs regarding safety on Shaw Street play area asking them to be part of any discussions with the Police and Council.
Police keeping eye on Shaw street when they are passing, Cllr’s discussed issues with vandalism and broken glass. This needs to be reported on 101 and to community safety team so Police have a record and can plan and priorities for the area.
Petersfield Gardens pleased with parking signs.
Withington Ave tap and run by local youth can be distressing to some residents. Officers will follow up on this.

6. Planning

2024/00235/Fulh. 22 Mitton Close. Cllr P Holmes to look at

2024/00214/Ful 385 Leigh End, Warrington Rd. N Johnson t look at.

2024/0033/TPO K Bland No Comment required.

2024/01213/TPO The Old Court Yard, K Bland No Comment.

7. Land & Environment

Nominate Minutes. C Benson
Seconded. J Seddon
Security contractor is to complete all forms to be submitted to WBC regarding Community Day.
PPM has designed posters and will print them for Community Day to be distributed locally.
Millennium Garden repairs, M Cooper to complete the work required.
M Cooper will also add lock and signs to PC Garage doors.
Notice boards have been delivered and we will look for trades man to install.
Silver Lane contact Croft PC and Birchwood TC.
Hampson Ave Land has been discussed with council and WBC will get back to the PC.
Ivy has been removed near Bus Station adjacent to Newchurch Lane.
Speed Indicator Device installed in Glazebury.

8. Finance

Approve Payments.
Propose C Smith.
Seconded J Seddon.
Cheque for Notice board as well as listed items.

Council Chairs Chain is being taken in to be repaired by local jeweller.

9. Borough Councillors Report

Warrington Borough Council (WBC) met at end of February to agree budget, meeting interrupted by protestors.
Conservative group voted against, budget was passed.
Pay policy statement voted in favour of and passed.
Cllr’s remuneration policy passed Council.


Warrington Road dangerous in Glazebury from local road user, this has been reported to WBC and they are coming out to inspect.

11. Items for future agenda/discussion

Parish Plan
Remembrance Sunday Meeting
Shaw Street Contact local sports teams to discuss up keep of Shaw Street Play Area.

12.Chairman’s Communications

K Bland represented PC to meet and induct the new Rector Martin Cox at Newchurch Parish Church.

13.To confirm Date & Venue of the next meetings

Planning Meeting 26th March 6pm in Culcheth Library
Next PC meeting Tuesday 9th April 7:30pm at Glazebury Methodist Church.

This meeting will be closed and opened to the public
Meeting Opens to the Public

Member of public commented on the land and screening of land at the back of the COOP.
Member of public commented on Council tax rises and her frustration with it.
Member of Public asked about the play area and the local discussions regarding it.
Member of Public asked when Play Area work would start.