Minute of Environment Committee Tuesday 26th March 2024.

Minutes Uploaded on April 9, 2024

Minute of Environment Committee Tuesday 26th March 2024 6:30pm.

1 Present Cllr J Seddon, C Smith, N Johnson, B Alldred, K Bland, S Bland, C Benson.

2 Code of Conduct, Localism Act.

None Interest declared by Cllr Benson regarding British Legion.

3 Minutes of Previous meeting.

Agreed at March 24 Parish Council Meeting

4 Matters Arising.

Purchase of Parish Council handbook for Library and Councillors agreed

5 Updates on Projects.

Community Day.

Is ready to go, Security has completed form and sent them to WBC. He will get back to S Bland when WBC comes back to him.  PPM has printed the leaflets, they are ready to distribute.

Millennium Gardens.

Mark Cooper is ready to do the work on Millennium Garden. Members present agree to start the work.

Silver Lane Security.

Met with residents in Risley, they’re organising a meeting with Parish Councils, Borough Cllr’s, Police & BIFFA.

Hampson Ave Land.

S Bland spoke to WBC Officer last week they are following up on this

Remembrance Sunday.

Meeting in April 24 at Newchurch Church with interested Parties.

Parish Plan

Defer until new Parish Council after May 24.

Climate Emergency

Defer until new Parish Council after May 24.

Notice Boards

New Noticeboards in Glazebury to be erected, one opposite Sainsbury’s has been refurbished.

Grit Bins

Cllr Benson to follow up with WBC regarding upkeep of the ones in Culcheth.

New Bin 

To replace bin on Parish Land on Common Lane. Contact M Cooper to request quote.

6 New Projects

Linear Park possibility of Parish Council writing to Taylor Industrial Area to clear there part of the route.  Friends of Linear Park are back meeting in the Library. Contact member of Friends of group to enquire about their intentions.

Defibrillator Box 

Culcheth Methodists, requested a donation from parish Council for a box to place it on outside of building. Refer to next PC meeting.

7 Items for Future Meetings.

Possible small jobs for local Scouts to take place in June. Planting bulbs, gardening on Millennium Gardens.

8 Date of Next Meeting.

    30th April 2024 18:30 at Culcheth Library.

9 Meeting Closes.