December 2021 Parish News.

News Items Uploaded on April 5, 2023

December 2021 Parish News.

Glazebury Traffic.

A meeting has been held between members of the Parish Council, Matt Smith (representing Glazebury Traffic Working Group) and Steve Jones (representing ChALC Cheshire Association of Local Councils) regarding a trial of an average speed camera system in Glazebury Village. The Parish Council has put Glazebury forward as a trial site.  There were over 20 applicants for this scheme from sites across Cheshire. The Parish Council will fund the trial if Glazebury is picked as one of four sites to test the impact of this technology. It is expected that we will find out the results of this application in the next few months.

Glazebury Play Area

It was agreed at October’s Parish Council meeting that the Parish Council would contribute towards the updating of the green play area in Glazebury. The contribution will come from the windmill fund and will partially fund the installation of new logs in the children’s play area adjacent to Bent’s allotments.

Law and Order

Speed enforcement has continued on Warrington Road in Culcheth and Glazebury.  Several offenders were caught near Mee Brow. There has been an increase in requests from local schools for the Police to engage with young people. This is a positive opportunity for community policing after 18 months of online working. Crime generally was low in Culcheth and Glazebury over the past month.

Local Plan

The Parish Council in conjunction with Croft Parish Council funded a response to Warrington Borough Council’s Local Plan from a Planning Consultant. This was submitted ahead of the November 15th deadline.  Parish Councillors attended a briefing for the Local Plan which was hosted by Planning Officers from Warrington Borough Council.  Parish Councillors questioned Officers on the implications of the Local Plan for Culcheth and Glazebury. There has been a display of the Local Plan in the Library in Culcheth.

Remembrance Sunday

Parish Councillors attended remembrance services in Culcheth and Glazebury Churches on Sunday 14th November. Wreaths from Culcheth and Glazebury Parish Council were laid on the war memorials at the Churches. This was a poignant opportunity to remember those lost during conflicts, especially on the 100th anniversary of The Royal British Legion.

Next Parish Council is on December 14th @ 7:30pm in the Culcheth Centre.